Asian Wedding Gifts

Updated July 20, 2017

When a couple gets married, traditionally, the newlyweds begin their life together in a new home. Common gifts of blenders, towels, and bedding often find their way to a newlywed couple. If you want your gift to be distinctive, consider tailoring the gift to the tastes or cultural background of the couple. Whether the couple is of Asian descent or just enjoys and appreciates Asian culture, Asian gifts could have a special place in the newlyweds' home.

Cash Envelope

In many Asian cultures, wedding guests present to the bride and groom gifts of cash presented in red envelopes. The colour red is a symbol of good fortune and money is a traditional gift during auspicious and celebratory times, according to China In Japanese culture, the envelops are white, usually decorated with a bow.


Tea is very significant in most Asian cultures, and Japanese and Chinese weddings have a formal tea serving as part of the ceremony. Whether the bride and groom are Asian or simply appreciate Asian culture, they would appreciate an elegant Asian-style tea set and fine loose leaf teas. The company Teavana is an excellent resource for tea-related gifts.

Rice Cooker

Small kitchen appliances are common gifts to newlyweds. Blenders, slow cookers, and sets of various cookware often make their way onto wedding registries. For an Asian kitchen, a good rice cooker is as much a necessity as a microwave. Zojirushi is a Japanese manufacturer of Asian small appliances, and they have a wide variety of rice cookers and food steamers--many modern ones now have extra convenience features and settings for brown rice, sushi rice, or porridge.

As rice is a traditional part of most Asian cuisine, a good rice cooker would be an integral item in an Asian or Asian-inspired home.

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