Roles and Responsibilities of a School Health Nurse

Updated February 21, 2017

The roles and responsibilities of a school health nurse vary based on the school district, but there are some basics that you can expect from every school nurse. The school nurse must be licensed and able to practice in the state in which she is employed. In addition, she must have CPR training and have the communication skills necessary to communication with young students as well as parents and school administrators.


The school nurse should be able to educate students on health-related topics that are important for the student ages, including good nutrition, cold prevention and sex education. In some school districts, the school nurse is also the health teacher and must plan lessons to teach students.


School nurses consult with students on a variety of health related topics. In some cases, the nurse acts as confidant and may need to advise students on sensitive topics, such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, depression and eating disorder. Other health consultations are more routine, such as stomach aches or head aches.

Health Screening

Throughout the year, the school nurse may test student development in order to identify potential problems, In particular, the nurse may perform hearing and vision tests and examine student spines for signs of scoliosis.

Minor Treatment

The school nurse should take care of minor medical issues, such as scrapes and splinters. The nurse will take care of ill students in her office until the parents are able to pick up the student. Additionally, the nurse will make recommendations for further medical treatment should there be a major problem, such as a cut requiring stitches.


The nurse will maintain medical files on all students. These files will include information on student health problems and immunisation. When appropriate, the nurse will add information about health problems that the student has.

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