Sibling Tattoo Ideas

Written by robert vaux
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Sibling Tattoo Ideas
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Tattoos are deeply personal; doubly so when siblings agree to get tattoos together. Not only should they reflect the individual personalities of each sibling, but they should emphasise the common bond between them. The simplest idea entails picking an image you both like and placing it in a similar location on your bodies. More elaborate ideas can further stress your common link.


Basic tattoo ideas can include your names placed on each other’s body, phrases or statements from literature stressing a family bond or an image of your sibling in tattoo form. Birth dates make subtler tattoo designs: the date itself, your sibling’s astrological sign or the colours of your sibling’s birthstone. Symbolic animals work well too: a real or mythic creature which embodies some aspect of your sibling’s personality. You can add your sibling’s name underneath the animal to stress the connection.

Family Symbols

Family symbols stress your mutual heritage and the bonds of blood joining you together. If your family has a formal crest, you can use that as the basis for a tattoo. Family trees serve a similar function, depicting your parents and other siblings, as well as aunts, uncles and grandparents (depending on how much landscape you want to devote to the project). A family motto uses less space, but still stresses your unique connection. On a broader level, look for tribal emblems, Asian characters or similar cultural images from your family’s past.

Fictional Characters

Fictional siblings run the gamut from the gods Apollo and Artemis to superheroes Zan and Jayna from Saturday morning TV. If you and your sibling feel a particular affinity for such a pair, you can use them as the basis for a tattoo. You can represent such characters with a direct image of them or use symbols, the sun and the moon for Artemis and Apollo, for example, or a trail of breadcrumbs across your arm for Hansel and Gretel.

Common Experiences

Siblings grow up together and often experience the same things as part of their childhood, a family vacation, for instance, or a well-known landmark from the siblings’ hometown. Sometimes, those experiences extend into adulthood, from a university both siblings attend to a mutual career choice such as the armed services or medical school. Any of those common experiences can make the basis for a tattoo. You can use images or symbols from childhood, school logos, sigils from particular Army units, or job crests such as the Asklepios (the serpent-entwined rod representing the medical profession) to stress the shared experience.

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