Safe Plants for Zebra Finches

Updated November 21, 2016

Since the zebra finch enjoys grazing on the plant life that is around, it is important to ensure the foliage you keep with your finches is non-toxic. According to Animal Adventure Pets, when you are choosing plants and fruits to keep in your finches' enclosure, choose a small variety to help prevent distressing the birds' digestive systems.


Flowers not only provide something safe for your zebra finches to nibble on, but they also add a variety of colour to the bird's enclosure. If you are looking for a purple flower, consider the African violet, purple petunias or thistle. In the yellow or orange family, marigolds are safe. Gardenias are a white flower. If you have room for them and would like a flowering tree, magnolia trees have a fragrant white flower. If you want to avoid paying for safe flowers, consider digging up some wild dandelions or white clover and place them in your zebra finch enclosure.


Fruits will provide your zebra finch with a fresh snack to munch. This will also provide you with a fresh source of fruit if you wish to eat it. A crabapple tree has white, pink or red flowers on it while it is blooming. When the fruit develops, a small apple replaces the flower and is found in a range of colours including dark purple, red, yellow, orange and green depending on the specific tree. A date palm is a large tree that produces dates, and according to the Food Museum, it is likely the oldest plant used for food production.


Plants that do not flower or produce a fruit will also add a nice touch to your zebra finch enclosure, and there are many that are safe for your finches to eat. A fiddlehead fern has large, firm leaves. The leaves resemble the shape of a fiddle. If you prefer a climbing plant, grape ivy is an option. The ivy looks similar to poison ivy but is safe to the touch. Another option is a variety of pothos. There are four main types and all four are very hearty plants, making them easy to care for. Swedish ivy makes a great ground cover. Although it will develop small flowers, the white flowers are of no consequence. Bamboo is an evergreen variety of plant, meaning it grows year round. It grows very quickly and is very hardy.

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