Helicopter Crafts for Kids Made Out of Paper

Written by maria woehr
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Paper helicopters are easy for kids to make and a perfect activity for parties or groups. Even if it is a rainy day, there are several easy-to-make paper helicopter crafts where with the help of a fan, your helicopter will take flight. Make sure to leave aside at least an hour for this activity.

Making a Basic Paper Helicopter

Use scissors to cut a piece of paper that is 2-by-20 cm. Next, fold the piece of paper in half lengthwise. Then fold the paper width-wise. Then fold over each of the ends of the width-wise fold you just made width-wise again to form a "T" shape. Next, attach a paper clip to the bottom to keep the paper helicopter together. Colour in or decorate your helicopter. Finally, stand on a chair and drop the helicopter from above your head. The helicopter should spiral to the ground.

Make A Flying Paper Helicopter

To make a paper helicopter that will really fly, use scissors to cut out a strip of paper measuring 10-by-1 1/2 inches. Next, use a ruler to measure 5 1/4 inches from the bottom of the strip of paper. Then draw a line across the paper width-wise. Next, measure 3/4 inch above the line you just drew. Draw another line parallel to the first. In the centre of the second line (the 3/4 line) make an "X."

Next, draw a perpendicular line from the "X" all the way up to the edge of the paper. Measure 1/2 inch from the edge of the paper on both sides of the first line and make an "X" at each point. Then, use scissor to cut along the first line from the edge of the paper to the 1/2 inch mark on both sides of the paper. Use your scissors then to cut from the centre line at the top of your paper down to the second line. Fold one of the flaps at the top toward you using the second line as a guide. Then fold the other flap away from you. Using the cut marks on the first line, fold both flaps inward, lengthwise, toward you. Next, unfold the two flaps at the bottom. Use a ruler to measure 1/4 an inch up on your paper and make an X. Fold the strip of paper upward using the X as a guide. Fold the paper up again by 1/4 inch until there is no more paper. Then fold the side flaps in. The bottom of the helicopter will be heavier than the top. Grab the bottom of the helicopter and throw it into the air. See if it flies.

Pinwheel Paper Helicopter

Take a piece of paper and help the children draw a body for the helicopter. Next have the children colour it in. Using scissors cut out the body for your helicopter. Then take another piece of paper and cut it lengthwise. Fold the piece of paper in half. This will be the rotors. Center the rotors on top of the paper helicopter body and use a brass fastener to fasten it on.

Helicopter Games

Use a marker to draw a 1-foot circle on a piece of newspaper. Put a cereal bowl in the middle of the circle. Each person should take turns standing on a chair and trying to get their helicopter to land in the cereal bowl.

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