What are tranquil colors for bedrooms?

To create a restful sanctuary, consider using tranquil colours in your bedroom. Tranquil colours promote feelings of calm, rest and relaxation. When combined with the appropriate lighting fixtures, bedding and fabrics, tranquil colours can turn an ordinary bedroom into a spa-like atmosphere just waiting for you to recharge yourself and soothe your senses.

Pale Blue

Pale blues are often used to create a tranquil bedroom setting. Blue evokes the look and feel of water and the sky. Pale blue is cool to the eye, and creates a calm atmosphere bringing comfort and a sense of serenity. Pale blue is a good choice for a bedroom especially if your room faces south or east. The blue will offset the heat experienced in the room. Pair pale blue with rich chocolate brown for a soothing counterpoint and inject a touch of apricot colour for a soothing, yet colourful accent.

Pale Green

Green is considered the colour of nature. It's most relaxing and soothing shade is a pale green or pale yellow green. Like blue, green is a cool colour, and works well in rooms that tend to receive a lot of sunlight. The pale green can offset excess heat and promote coolness and calm. Combine pale green with varying shades of lavender and accent with warm brown or light tan for a soothing bedroom retreat.

Browns and Tan

Browns and tans are considered neutral colours and make good choices when decorating a bedroom. Like green, brown and tan are derived from nature, and are inherently relaxing. Walls painted in a soft brown and accented with tan trim provide a relaxing backdrop for a bedroom. Stick with classic white or black accents such as pillows and lighting and you will have a comfortable and classic bedroom.

Violets and Pinks

Violet and pink colours are often associated with girls' rooms, but are considered good choices for adult bedrooms as well. Violet that has been toned down to a pale lavender shade is a soft, yet regal colour that is appropriate for bedroom use. Lavender evokes a calm and luxurious look and feel. Combine with brown and green for balance.

Pink is a calming colour for the bedroom, and is often associated with romance. Feng shui practices include substantial amounts of pink in the bedroom to promote loving feelings and harmony. Pale pink paint on the walls can be paired with classic white trim, deep brown, magenta and lilac. Choose sophisticated accessories to complete the look.

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