Big Lebowski Costume Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Written and directed by the Coen brothers, "The Big Lebowski" became a cult hit since its debut in 1998. The film has some unbelievably wacky and unforgettable characters that you can pay tribute to when you show off your look at a costume party or during Halloween. The best part about a costume inspired by the film is that you can find most, if not all of the items you'll need at inexpensive thrift stores.

The Dude

The main character of "The Big Lebowski" is The Dude, a 40-something who had his best time in the 1960s as a hippy and now lives life drinking White Russians, bowling and getting caught up in strange hostage situations. The main parts of the costume you'll need are a beige-coloured bathrobe; an old T-shirt, preferably stained and wrinkled; and some striped shorts made of flannel. You may need to purchase a wig as The Dude has chin-length brown and wavy hair, and a bushy goatee. You can also add to the costume some black sunglasses, flip flops and carry with you a carton of milk.

Walter Sobchak

Walter has a very tense and irritable demeanour, which he constantly takes out on his friend Donny at the bowling alley. To create the look of this angry, stocky character, you should probably already have a bit of weight on you, or add weight using either a fat suit or pillows. A Vietnam Veteran, Walter has a crew-styled haircut and wears a beige fishing vest over a buttoned up shirt with a pair of jean shorts. To add accessories to the look, you can wear Aviator sunglasses, a black wristwatch and black socks to go with some military boots. You can also carry around with you a coffee can filled with a type of powder, to recreate the popular scene in which Walter scatters his friend's ashes.

The Jesus

The Jesus appears only for a moment in the film, but he makes a big impression. Wearing only a purple jumpsuit and a long black braid, The Jesus just got out of prison and now spends his time at the bowling alley, sizing up and intimidating the competition. You can recreate the look by finding some purple work trousers and a purple button-up shirt. Or, if you find an actual purple jumpsuit, you can use that instead. You will also need to find a black wig with a braid that extends to your shoulders. To add accessories, find a pair of purple sneakers and some gold rings to cover your fingers.

Maude Lebowski

Maude assumes the role of the strange love interest in the film to The Dude and wears equally outrageous clothing or lack thereof. Maude wears her red hair in a short bob style with curled fringe at her forehead. You can wear a long, dark green bathrobe pinned in such a way to show a little cleavage. You can also add to the look a pair of knee-length black boots and apply some dark red lipstick to your lips.

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