Men's 40th birthday party ideas

Written by jaimie zinski | 13/05/2017
Men's 40th birthday party ideas
Make his 40th birthday a night to remember. (happy birthday image by timur1970 from

A man's 40th birthday can be a milestone event in his life. This year is seen as a year of transition, and most men are probably taking this day to reflect on the life they have lived and what lies ahead for their future. Make every aspect of a special man's 40th birthday party amazing by planning a get-together that he will remember for years to come.


Step out of your backyard or a local banquet hall and into a more unique setting for a special man's 40th birthday celebration. Plan the location around his favourite activities, passions and pursuits. For instance, a man who enjoys racing will love a party that is held at a local racetrack. Rent the entire area and allow the guests at the party their chance to be a professional driver for a day. A lover of the sea may enjoy a party held at a local aquarium or on a boat. Rent out an entire cinema and show your 40-year-old's favourite films on the big screen, without having to deal with the crowds of strangers and cell phones ringing.

Guest List

The guest list is completely dependent on the size of the party you wish to throw. If you want to throw the 40-year-old a huge bash, invite people he has not seen in years, from his high school football coach, to his college roommate, to the priest or minister who married him and his wife. A more intimate gathering may only require that you invite the birthday boy's closest friends and family. Either way, make sure that most of the guests have a unique story to share about the 40-year-old, and ask each to get up during the party and let everyone know a funny or touching moment that the two of them shared.


Use the number "40" as a decorating theme for the party. Cover the venue with 40 pictures of the birthday boy at different stages of his life. Set them up so they tell a story as you enter or walk through the venue. Begin with childhood pictures and continue through his youth, into adulthood and end with a current picture. Place 40 balloons around the party and set out 40 centrepieces. These centrepieces can be anything from bowls that contain the birthday boy's favourite candy, to cameras that can be used to take pictures of the event.

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