Egyptian Crafts for Children

Written by shelley frost | 13/05/2017
Egyptian Crafts for Children
Highlight Egypt's distinct features in craft form. (Pyramids at Ghiza Egypt image by Sean Wallace-Jones from

Egyptian crafts teach kids about a different culture in a creative format. The kids create objects that relate to the significant features of the Egyptian lifestyle. Egypt has many distinct characteristics that lend themselves well to art projects. These crafts work well in a classroom setting to complement to a social studies unit on Egypt.


Let the kids make their own Egyptian-style bracelets. Cut a rectangle of card stock. It should go around the child's wrist with enough extra space so the child can slip it on and off of her wrist. Make the bracelet so it is about 3-inches wide. Let the kids colour the bracelets and add designs onto them. The use of 3-D paint allows the young crafters to make raised designs. Tape the rectangle shape into a loop so the kids can wear them as bracelets.


Camels are often associated with the Egyptian culture, which makes them a good inspiration for a kids' craft. Use empty egg cartons to assemble these easy camels. Cut out two egg cups from the carton leaving them attached to one another. Cut out a separate egg cut as the head of the camel. Cut a strap piece of the carton to create the camel's neck. Attach the head and neck to the body. Cut legs out of the egg carton's lid. Cut the leg from the flat section and extend it down to the lip of the egg carton lid to create the foot. Attach the legs to the body section. Paint the entire camel brown. Add facial features to the head. Taping a ball of paper or aluminium foil into the back cup of the camel prevents it from tipping over head first.

Sandpaper Art

Use sandpaper to create Egyptian-style artwork. Choose a coarse sandpaper for the best effect. Draw on the sandpaper using regular crayons. The picture shows up best when you push hard with the crayons. Encourage the kids to draw an Egyptian scene on the sandpaper such as the pyramids, camels or Egyptian people. The picture looks like it was painted on a tomb wall.


Create your own version of a mummy in this recycled craft. Start with a toilet paper tube as the body of the mummy. Paint it white or cover it with white construction paper if desired. Make bandages for the mummy from strips of gauze or toilet paper. If using gauze, tear it into thin strips. For toilet paper, use a strip about 4-squares long. Roll the piece lengthwise into a narrow piece of tissue paper that is still the same length. Glue one end of the bandage to the toilet paper tube. Wrap it around the tube. Glue the other end to the tube. Repeat with two or three bandages to cover tube. Cut arms, legs and a head for the mummy from construction paper. Glue them to the sides of the tube.

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