Animal Masks With Paper Plates

Updated February 21, 2017

Animal mask crafts can be used in a number of ways, from a simple make-believe play session to a dramatic production of a favourite book or movie. Regardless of the animal portrayed on the mask, the child should decorate the back of a paper plate, cut out holes for the eyes and punch holes in the sides and use yarn to tie the mask to the head.

Bird Mask

Bird masks can be very colourful and creative, and a paper plate is a good simple backdrop for the bird. Cut the paper plate in half and paint it the same colour, or slightly darker, than the feathers being used on the mask. Purchase feathers either from a craft store or cut them out from coloured paper. In addition to gluing feathers around the outer rim of the plate, children should cut out a triangle from orange paper, fold it in half, and glue or tape it on the bottom of the mask to make a beak.

Raccoon Mask

A raccoon mask is easily recognised by the characteristic mask the animal has around its eyes. The best way to make a raccoon is to cut out ear shapes and a mask shape from brown construction paper and glue them to a paper plate in the appropriate locations. Additional fur can either be painted on with light brown paint or glued on from construction paper scraps. A small brown paper nose and brown paper or pipe-cleaner whiskers complete the raccoon paper plate mask.

Rabbit Mask

One of the easiest paper plate animal masks to make is a rabbit, because a white plate does not need to be painted. Cut long white ears out of another paper plate or paper and glue to the top of the rabbit mask. Use simple supplies such as pipe cleaners, craft pom-poms and paint or markers to make the details such as the nose, mouth, whiskers and pink insides of the ears.

Lion Mask

Kids love being king of the jungle when wearing a lion mask. Paint paper plates yellow or orange, and then decorate around the edges with a brown mane. The mane can be painted on, or kids can glue small pieces of brown yarn to make a shaggy mane on the lion mask. Other features to include are ears cut out of construction paper, pipe cleaner whiskers and a painted nose and mouth.

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