Designers That Produce Recycled Fabric Clothes

Updated April 17, 2017

There is an increased awareness of the familiar reminder "Reduce, recycle, and reuse." Efforts to conserve resources and become eco-friendly have even crept into the fashion industry. Many designers today are becoming more conscientious about a fashion trend that is often referred to as refashioning, redesigning or restructuring. These creative designers will often combine discarded or vintage clothing in new ways to produce an entirely individualised garment that is a responsible use of old shirts, dresses and skirts.

Junky Styling

Fashion designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager have teamed up to produce a line of clothing that reuses, re-cuts and refashions fabric from quality second-hand garments. The company was formed in 1997, although these young designers had been making their own repurposed clothing since the early '90s. Today, examples of their clothing line can be seen online and in their London store.

Junky Styling 12 Dray Walk, the Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London, England E1 6RF

William Good

Perhaps one of the best examples of refashioned clothing is the company William Good. Nick Graham, the founder of the famous Joe Boxer clothing line, has partnered with the San Francisco Bay area Goodwill stores to produce a line of refashioned garments. Garments that have not sold in 30 days are usually discarded, and Graham has taken on the challenge to produce quality clothing and help avoid excess landfill contributions. Collars, buttons, lace, and fabric are recombined and repurposed to make new garments. The original goal of 300 garments was the inventory of the first William Good store in San Francisco.

William Good Fillmore Store 1669 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94115 415-354-8570

Chrisi A Designs

Chrisi A Designs began as an opportunity for a stay-at-home mom to pursue her passion for sewing and fashion design. Thrift stores and yard sales provide the raw material with which she works, allowing her to combine bits and pieces of this and that. Some of her signature garments include redesigned and repurposed jeans. Each garment is unique and custom sizing is available. Some pieces are sold in boutiques, but can also be purchased online.

Christine Aldrich Chrisi A Designs

Raggedy Rags

Raggedy Rags, a company based in Wales, scouts jumble sales and similar locations to find the foundations for their repurposed garments. The company has designed theatrical clothing, wedding attire, and custom clothing for their clients. Their "Waste Couture" is one-of-a-kind fashion, and their "Quirky Couture" refashions vintage Victorian lace, curtains and tablecloths into feminine but unique period clothing.

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