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Updated March 23, 2017

One of the oldest traditions of the Christian church is that of Palm Sunday, which celebrates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It falls one week before Easter Sunday, and marks the beginning of the final week of Jesus' life. As Jesus rode through the streets on a donkey, the crowds that gathered to see him spread palm branches on the ground. Palm Sunday--and the Holy Week that follows--is the holiest time of the Christian calendar. Depending upon the church's denomination, pageants, services and various kinds of celebrations are held. Multimedia-savvy congregations today use PowerPoint slides and special graphics to enhance their worship, while others offer sermons, music and liturgies. Finding good resources for this special time of year is easy on the Internet.

Text Week

You'll discover that contains a variety of resources for all denominations. Clergy members searching for Palm Sunday references will find a clearinghouse of readings, prayers, blog links and sermon notes to assist them in planning services. Choir directors and worship leaders can enlist the aid of song suggestions, hymns, lyrics and music references. Church publication designers who need high-quality art, ready-made bulletin covers, graphics or multimedia can find an abundance of links here to guide them. Children's ministry teams may find the puzzles, activity sheets, lessons and children's songs for Palm Sunday especially helpful. Website visitors can navigate through important dates on the Christian calendar by following the index on the left sidebar and clicking on the links. This large site is the quintessential resource for Palm Sunday and other church occasions.

Kings Kidstuff

For churches with nursery, preschool and Sunday school programs, offers free children's sermons and lessons. Colouring pages, puzzles, palm crafting projects, children's stories and songs all relating to Palm Sunday and Holy Week are available for download with a simple click. Short stories, dramatic skits, plays, poetry, and lesson ideas are here, as well as links to external resources. You'll also find a section dedicated to adults and teens who are searching for discussions or sermons about Palm Sunday.

Free Christ Images

You can add a nice touch to Palm Sunday services with high-quality, high-resolution art used for e-cards, bulletins, worship backgrounds, PowerPoint presentations, websites and other announcements. offers free downloads of large images in JPEG format. The site also features Bible art and lessons for Palm Sunday, as well as a "People of The Bible" art and resources search. For the younger set, you'll find children's colouring pages that can be freely distributed. There are no fees or sign-up requirements for any of the images on this site.

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