Youth Group Bulletin Board Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Youth group notice board ideas can be used to inform, update or showcase youth talent. You can change them often to reflect the various aspects and activities in which your teens are participating. You can also create interactive notice boards that get your entire congregation involved in the undertakings of the young people in your church.

Crossing the Generation Gap

It can hardly be argued that there is nothing more valuable than relationships. Often, youth groups are viewed as a separate part of the church rather than an integral part of the church body, of which the Apostle Paul spoke in the New Testament. Create a notice board that connects teens with senior citizens in your congregation. Post each youth group member's picture on the board. Beneath the picture attach a card with their name, interests and birthday. Next to their picture place a picture of a senior citizen with whom he will connect throughout the coming year. Underneath that photo place a card with information about the senior and then connect the cards with red twine, thereby "connecting" the youth with the seniors.

Interactive Notice Boards

Create an interactive notice board that allows church members to help teens with upcoming events, activities and even prayer requests. Post a calendar of events that includes a list of practical needs such as art supplies, seating for the youth room or carpool drivers. Hang a clipboard beneath each need so that people can sign up to volunteer time or items to the cause. In one corner of the notice board post any prayer requests the teens may have. For instance, upcoming exams merit prayer for focus and peace during this stressful period. Anonymous requests for one of the youth who are facing family crisis, financial need or relationship problems allow folks within your church to keep abreast of deeper issues within the teenagers' lives.

Just for Fun

Put the teens in charge of the youth notice board. Encourage them to be creative while keeping the board informative. If you have a particular theme you're studying you may direct them to focus on it by showcasing art, pictures or testimonies from the various members of the youth group who are participating. If you make it a habit to put teens in charge of the notice board, be sure to appoint different ones each month so that all of the kids have an opportunity to share their creativity and thoughts with others. By doing this you may find unexpected traits in those who tend to hover in the shadows. This may also bring them out of their shells as they discover gifts and talents they did not know they had.

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