Football Crafts for Young Children

Written by nicole thelin
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Football Crafts for Young Children
Capture a child's love of football with a themed craft project. (football image by Maria Bell from

Young children love to make crafts and do activities. Use a child's love of active sports to facilitate a creative crafting experience, or use football-themed crafts as activities at a child's sports-themed birthday party. While the possibilities for football crafts are endless, be sure to choose activities that are within the young child's scope of abilities. An adult should always be nearby to assist with any cutting that the child is not comfortable with or capable of.

Ball & Goal

Young children can make and play with footballs and field goals made from modelling clay. The assembly takes only minutes and can provide hours of fun. Children should start by rolling the clay into long, thin tubes. The goal can be constructed quickly by connecting two short tubes with one long tube. Connect another long tube to the middle of the connecting section. The child must balance the goalpost upright by sticking the bottom of the post into a ball of clay. A ball can also be formed out of clay. Add details with a toothpick or contrasting colour of clay.

Alternately, a goalpost can be created from pipe cleaners and a ball from regular notebook paper. Create a paper football by folding a piece of paper in half lengthwise and tearing along the folded line. Fold one corner inward to form a triangle, and continue folding into triangles until there is very little paper left. Tuck this flap over and the football is finished. Flick it with your fingers to launch it toward the goalposts.

Sand Trophy

Reward little all-stars with a homemade football trophy, constructed from a plastic bottle. The bottle should be short and round like a football. Some craft stores may carry special bottles that are exact football shapes. Fill the bottle with brown and tan sand to resemble a football. The coloured sand should be used in alternating layers. Two thin layers of tan should separate three layers of brown when complete.

Place the flat end of the bottle into a mound of green clay to represent grass. The completed project can be decorated with football stickers

Wearable Crafts

Kids can create their own festive game day headgear out of construction paper, pipe cleaners and other basic craft materials. Though using a store-bought headband can simplify the project, it is not required if the children can work in pairs or have an adult's assistance.

Start by creating the headband. Cut out a strip of construction paper, about 1 1/2 inches wide. Wrap the paper around the child's head so that the paper tucks behind the ears. An adult should hold the paper in place and carefully remove the headband so that the size stays the same. Glue or staple the construction paper together.

This basic headband can be decorated in a number of ways. To create a defence headband, cut a large, capital letter D from construction paper. Also cut a small fence shape. Glue or tape these shapes to the top of a coiled pipe cleaner. Secure the other end to the headband. Other headband decorations could include cut out footballs, goalposts, jerseys, numbers, helmets, logos,or favourite players.

Create jewellery out of salt dough. Mix one cup salt, two cups flour and one cup water to create the dough. Use cookie cutters to form footballs, goalposts, jerseys and other items. Glue the salt dough creations to pins or barrettes, or poke a hole in the item and thread it onto ribbon for necklaces, bracelets or key chains.

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