Window Replacement Grants

Updated December 15, 2016

If replacing windows is part of a home or business rehabilitation project, there are grants that are available to help with the costs. Grants are given to applicants who meet the requirements set by the granter. Unlike loans, grants never have to be repaid as long as the recipients stick to the terms of the agreement. State and local governments, businesses and residents may be eligible for different types of grants that help with window replacement and other home renovations.

Rural Housing Preservation Grants

People who live in a rural area can rehabilitate and preserve their house by applying for the Rural Housing Preservation Grant. The money can be used to replace windows and fix other areas of houses and buildings. The Housing Act of 1949 gives the Department of Agriculture the authorisation to extend grants. Residents and individual homeowners must be considered low- or very low-income earners in order to become eligible for the grant. However single- or multi-unit apartment and rental property owners can apply.

VA Specialty Adapted Housing for Veterans

Veterans with disabilities can get grant assistance from Veteran Affairs to make alterations to their housing to suit their needs. There are three types of grants for which veterans can apply. Two grants, Specialty Adapted Housing Grants and Special Home Adaptations Grants are given to veterans with service-related disabilities. The Home Improvements and Special Alterations Grant can be received by those who have both service and non-service disabilities.

Neighbourhood Stabilization Program Grants

In order to revitalise a community that has been destroyed by foreclosures and abandonment, the Department of Housing and Urban Development created grants under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The purpose of these grants is for rehabilitating homes and residential buildings in the communities that are hardest hit. The funds are distributed to state and local governments as well as non-profit organisations by a formula used under the Housing and Recovery Act of 2008.

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