Medieval Royalty-Related Paper Mache Craft Projects

Updated February 21, 2017

Numerous designs can be crafted using paper mache for projects with a medieval royal flair. Craft project ideas can represent kings and their symbols, knights and jousting, and courtly ladies and their elaborate headdresses.

Symbols of a King

As a paper mache project, consider making a crown, sceptre and orb, all symbols of a medieval king and queen, although the queen's symbols were typically smaller. Use a balloon to create the billow of "fabric" covering the top of a medieval king's crown. Shape the crown and head pieces with cardboard, once the paper mache-covered balloon had hardened, then paper mache the cardboard shapes. Paint the crown and add on craft jewels for finishing touches. The orb, too, can be initially fashioned with a balloon. Once hardened, add to it a cardboard cross, which is also covered in paper mache. Then add paint and jewels. For the basic sceptre, start with a piece of thin PVC. Create the decorative head of the sceptre using cardboard. Look at pictures of various crowns, orbs and sceptres for details.

Knights and Jousting

Make some of a knight's paraphernalia, such as a paper mache helm. Start with an old bucket or canister for the base, or use paper mache clay to construct the basic shape. Make the jousting helm by adding a crest to the top. Then, make a paper mache sword or a shield painted with a medieval coat-of-arms. Use a stuffed, rubber dishwashing glove and make a paper mache gauntlet.

Courtly Ladies

In medieval times, ladies often wore elaborate hats, some with single points and others with a pair of points that might curve like horns. Some pointed hats had multiple branches from the top. Make paper mache hats like medieval ladies wore. Once the hats are painted, add to them swathes of fabric, which was often draped from the peaks. Medieval hats had smooth appearances along with textures like woven baskets. To make the hat, built it up on a wig head, which can also be used to display your project.

Another hat design would be a jester's hat, a common personage found at court, entertaining royalty.

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