Shag hairstyles for older women

Updated February 21, 2017

As women age, their ages as well, perhaps thinning a bit more or just losing a little lustre. Shag haircuts can be a great option to give older women's hair a little more bounce and vibrancy. If you're looking for a cute new shag haircut, learn about some of the options you have available.

Angled Shag

An angled shag can be an edgy look for older women who want something a bit more dramatic. For the angled shag, ask your stylist to cut your hair so that the edges are very straight, with your hair starting shorter in the back and getting longer toward the front. You can add sharp blunt fringe for a more dramatic look as well.

Sleek Shag

A simple and sleek shag can be achieved by having your stylist cut hair above the shoulders all one length, including fringe. Since this style is so simple, you can add a little flair and pull off brighter hair colours, like a dramatic red or black. This look can be easily styled with a straightener, or if you have wavy hair, just use a little hair gel on damp hair for a soft, wavy look.

Layered Shag

A layered shag can be a fun look that offers older women a little bit of versatility. Make sure your hair is cut so that it sits on your shoulders or shorter, and ask your stylist to add face-framing layers. You can decide on your own if you want choppy layers or softer razor-cut layers throughout. Choppy layers can easily be styled with hair pomade, while soft layers simply require a quick blow drying with a round brush.

Short Shag

A short shag with angled fringe is another option that is easy to style. Have your stylist cut hair just above the ears or shorter, leaving the fringe longer so you can style them across your face in a sweeping look. This is a classier look, but can be made up to be a little more edgy by adding choppy layers throughout instead of doing just one length.

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