Little Mermaid Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Ariel, the Disney princess who made her debut in the 1989 animated feature "The Little Mermaid," continues to be a popular choice for kids' birthday parties. A store bought sheet cake decorated with figurines is not your only option if you want to carry a "The Little Mermaid" theme into the cake as well.

Cakes with Dolls

To make a cake that looks like Ariel rest on a rock, use a bowl or dome cake tin, the kind that is typically used for Barbie dress cakes. Make the dome cake. Insert a Barbie style doll with bright red hair into the cake up to the waist of the doll. Frost the tail on the cake coming out from the doll. Then frost the rest of the cake to look like a rock. Alternatively, sit a Barbie style doll directly on top of your cake. Cover the legs with frosting to create a tail.

Edible Image Cake

If you are not very skilled at piping on icing, make your cake fit a "The Little Mermaid" theme by using an edible image that is simply laid on top of the cake. The edible image is made from sugar. You buy the images in pre-made sheets.

Little Mermaid Cake Tin

Wilton produces branded Disney cake tins, including "The Little Mermaid" cake tins with images of Ariel. The bottoms of the cake tins are moulded into an image, making the cake easy to frost correctly to reproduce a "The Little Mermaid" image. A star tip makes the job particularly easy since you only need to make dots to colour in the cake instead of strokes.

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