18th Birthday Cake Ideas for a Girl

Updated March 23, 2017

For a girl, an 18th birthday is the day on which she legally becomes a woman. There are many different ways of marking this rite of passage, all of which include the presentation of a cake. The cake should be selected according to the tone of the party and the personality of the birthday girl.

Number 18 Cake

Direct, stylish and to the point, a cake you bake--or purchase--in the shape of the number "18" shows your regard for the age the birthday girl has reached. This cake can come in any flavour--including chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla-chocolate marble or chocolate chip--and frosting--including buttercream, fondant or ganache.

Photo Cake

Some supermarkets and bakeries offer photo cakes, which they decorate by transferring photographs to the cakes with a food-colouring spray process. The photo cake can be the centrepiece of the party. Consider using a baby picture of the birthday girl or photos from previous birthday parties.

Two-Tiered Cake

The two-tiered cake, of the sort common to weddings, is an elegant variation on the single-tiered birthday cake. For a metaphorical dessert, give each tier a theme--one a layer for a girl, the other a layer for a woman--by decorating them differently. For example, the first layer could be decorated in bright pink frosting, while the second layer could be a more sedate white.

Sash and Scepter Cake

Give a normal birthday cake a royal touch by embellishing it with a sash and sceptre that you draw with frosting or fashionout of marzipan. This cake lets the 18th birthday girl know that she is queen for a day.

18 Birthday Cupcakes

Rather than presenting the birthday girl a cake, consider giving her 18 cupcakes. Friends and relatives can each use frosting, sprinkles and other toppings to decorate her own cupcake to add to the presentation.

Martini-Themed Cake

For those in states and countries that allow 18-year-olds to drink alcoholic beverages, a cake in a shape of a martini glass celebrates the rite of passage. While there are variations on this theme--the beer can cake, the whiskey bottle cake--the martini glass appears classiest.

Bling Cake

Jazz up a traditional birthday cake by decorating the cake with diamonds and dollar signs drawn with frosting. If your budget allows, consider placing some real jewellery on the side of the cake as a birthday gift.

The Erotic Cake

Best for a party thrown by friends, and without any older relatives in attendance, the erotic cake celebrates womanhood in naughty fashion. Although these cakes aren't usually placed in the front of the store, many bakeries that offer custom orders will be happy to shape up your favourite anatomical organ or risque tableau.

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