Compact evergreen shrubs

Compact shrubs are classified as shrubs that grow no larger than three to four feet high. These compact shrubs are typically used as landscaping directly against houses for traditional landscaping. Compact shrubs can also be used to make hedges, outline garden beds and many other gardening landscapes. Always choose a compact shrub that can grow in your local hardiness zone.

Boxleaf Hebe

Boxleaf Hebe is a type of dwarf shrub that grows to eight to 12 inches high. This extremely tiny shrub can be used as a front cover in large gardens, or as a small hedge around any garden. The Boxleaf Hebe has bright green, spiny leaves with white or off-white flowers. The flowers bloom in late spring through summer. The Boxwood Hebe grows best in hardiness zones 8a to 10b.

Lavender Cotton

Lavender Cotton is a compact shrub that grows up to two feet tall. The leaves of the Lavender Cotton plant are dark green and tubular, with the appearance that they have been dipped in white powder. The blooms on the lavender cotton plant are bright yellow, and look similar to dandelion blooms. The Lavender Cotton plant grows best in hardiness zones 6a to 9b and prefers full sun.

Bearberry Cotoneaster

Bearberry Cotoneaster grows up to two feet high, but has a wide spread. The Bearberry Cotoneaster shrub can reach up to eight feet wide. It has woody branches, with leaves growing all along the shrub like a vine. The flowers of the Bearberry Cotoneaster are white and have five round petals. The Bearberry Cotoneaster shrub grows best in hardiness zones 5a to 8b. This shrub prefers partial sun to full sun.

Dwarf English Boxwood

The Dwarf English Boxwood is a traditional shrub. It looks like larger shrubs, only in miniature form. This shrub grows up to three feet high. This shrub does not bloom or produce berries. It makes the ideal low hedge for houses or fencing. Dwarf English Boxwood grows best in hardiness zones 6a to 8b and prefers partial shade.

Dwarf Spruce

Dwarf Spruce is a shrub that looks like a miniature spruce tree. The leaves are dark green and spiny. The shrub does not produce berries or blossoms. The Dwarf Spruce grows best in hardiness zones 3a to 8b in full sun. The shrub can grow up to six feet high but can also survive when trimmed to a lower height.

Miniature Holly

Miniature Holly shrubs grow up to three or four feet high. The shrub looks like a traditional holly but the leaves are not spiny. The berries grow during the winter for some extra winter colour. The holly shrub grows best in zones 7a to 9b with partial to full sunlight.

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