Alternatives for Curtain Rings

Updated November 21, 2016

Curtain rings are often hung at the top of curtains being hung on a rod, especially with shower curtains. They offer a fun way to accent the curtain while making them easy to hang and remove as needed. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional curtain rings, there are a wide variety of options you can consider. Your alternatives can be chosen to match any budget and coordinate with any desired design motif.

Ribbon and Twine

The most affordable options you can consider for curtain ring alternatives are ribbon and twine. Choose a thick piece of fabric or ribbon that coordinates with your curtain or design scheme. Cut to approximately three inches in length and tie the edges together. If you have a sewing machine, you could also sew the ends together for a more polished look. Consider tying your ribbon into large bows for a girl's room or accenting by stringing with colourful beads. Twine can be tied just like ribbon for a more modern or rustic effect. Jute twine is an affordable option that is strong enough to hold most fabrics comfortably once looped through curtain holes.

Curtain Tassels

Curtain tassels are decorative accents that are usually attached to the edges of a curtain or used to tie the curtains back. Try using these decorative tassels through the holes in the curtain in place of traditional curtain rings. They can be tied in place around the curtain rod or secured with hot glue for extra stability.

Cafe Clips

Cafe clips are decorative options that can be used to hang curtains. They are available in a wide variety of colours and motifs, though they are typically available in metallic or wood finishes to complement most curtain rods. They are hung over curtain rods like regular rings, but they feature a clamp to secure curtains in place, as opposed to being threaded through a curtain.


For a more contemporary style, try installing grommets into a curtain to act as the rings. These are punched in place along the top of the curtain. By installing grommets, any flat piece of material can become a curtain, without having to sew a pocket along the top for the curtain rod to slide through. To install your grommet, make a notation with a pen in the centre of where you want your grommets to be placed. This should be located approximately two inches from the top of your curtain. Use a grommet hole punch to create your indentation and then use a razor blade to cut away your circle. Position your grommet rings in place on either side and hammer in place.

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