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Different Types of Rocking Chairs

Updated February 21, 2017

Some furniture never goes out of style, and the classic rocking chair is a good example. Perfect for the front porch as well as the living room or baby's room, there is something soothing and relaxing about rocking back and forth to quiet stress or to calm a child. Rocking chairs come in all types of styles and colours to match any decor.

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Indoor Wooden Rocking Chairs

An indoor wooden rocking chair can be made from maple, walnut, pine, mahogany or a host of other woods. Finished to a satin sheen or a polished glow, they are made for indoor use and are treated like any other fine piece of furniture. Colonial or Mission styles can be found at furniture stores and may have a stencilled or painted decoration on the headrest. With a curved back and a seat that can be fitted with decorative pads, a wooden rocking chair might also have armrests on the sides.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Outdoor rocking chairs are exposed to the weather and need to be made differently than indoor rockers. Teak and wicker are used to build rocking chairs; or any type of wood can be used, then covered with an exterior paint in any colour you choose. Polyresin is a type of plastic used today for rocking chairs moulded out of one piece of material. Adirondack rockers are the choice of some people, while the traditional Colonial rocking chair suits others.

Upholstered Rocking Chairs

Upholstered rocking chairs are more complex than a traditional wooden rocker. Covered padding and springs are included in the construction, and the chair is set on metal gliders that can move back and forth in addition to rocking. More options in contemporary design are available in upholstered rocking chairs with rounded or straight backs, wood or fabric sides, and various materials to match any room.

Rocking Chairs for Children

Rocking chairs for children offer a way for small ones to join the grownups or to share with their own friends. Almost any type of rocking chair that you see in full size can be found for children. Many woodworkers, as well as children's furniture manufacturers, build small-scale models of furniture for kids.

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