Gag Gifts for 40-Year-Old Women

Updated February 21, 2017

Friends or colleagues might want to try out gag gifts for their female friends as they approach their 40th birthdays. It's quite normal to give gag gifts for 40-year old women. While there's a special gag gift for every woman that's approaching 40, make sure your birthday woman will appreciate the gesture.

Fake Medications

Fake gag medications make a great gag gift for anyone who is getting older and enjoys a good joke. There are so many different ones to choose from. For example, Birthday Blockers are fake pills for anyone who wants to forget about their birthdays. With comical data and statistics on the package, any birthday girl will have to laugh when she opens this one. Other fake gag medications include Fuckitol, Damitol, Momnesia and Midlife Crisis Pills. Your friends and family will all get a laugh when she opens this gift.

Birthday Kits

Birthday Kits are another fun gag gift to get any woman looking forward to their 40th birthday. A number of different varieties exist, but the majority carry similar things. The kits normally have titles such as "Over the Hill Kit," or "40th Birthday Survival Kit." You will find guides to getting older, fake medication, creams to stop balding, denture cases and diapers.

Talking Stuffed Animals

Talking stuffed animals make a great gag gift as well. You can find some that sing happy birthday with foul language, or others that criticise you and call you old. While they appear cute and cuddly, do not be mistaken, as soon as you press that button you will begin to hear the laughs.

Inflatable Walker

If you really want to pull a prank on a woman getting ready to celebrate her 40th birthday, a blow-up walker makes for a great laugh. It's just like the ones you see senior citizens using to help them walk, but this one inflates. The woman will definitely get embarrassed when she sees this gift.

Hot Flush Fans

For those of you that really want to make the birthday girl feel old, and remind her of menopause, then a hot flush fan is a perfect gag gift. A cute little reminder of that time in every woman's life when being hot is not such a great thing anymore. Make sure she has a sense of humour though, or watch out for flying fans.

Over-the-Hill Breast Suspenders

These are suspenders for sagging boobies, and the suggestion is that they will help make them look firm and perky again. If the guest of honour has had a boob job, though, the humorous effect will be lost.

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