Motivational Bulletin Boards Ideas

Updated July 18, 2017

Notice boards liven a classroom and enhance lessons by simple designs using new supplies or created crafts. They serve as visual reminders of expectations and reinforce lessons. Additionally, notice boards can motivate students in their behaviour, learning and attitude. No matter the grade level, class or unit, a motivational notice board benefits students.


A simple way to encourage proper classroom behaviour is through a notice board devoted to this. Begin the year by posting classroom rules. As the year continues, change the board by praising students' efforts at good behaviour. Also post reminders of changes in school rules.

Provide guidance for acceptable behaviour through a notice board. According to Utah State University, one way to encourage correct behaviour is to make sure all students know "what is unacceptable about behaviour." Make a fact section for behaviour. Print part of the fact on one side and the rest of the fact on the inside. To find out the rest of the information, students will be forced to interact with the board. If time permits, put the paper on craft thick tape to give a multidimensional look.


Students need motivation to learn. When students fail to see the correlation between learning a subject matter and their lives, they often rebel against the subject matter. Motivate students to learn with a notice board.

USU emphasises that teachers "establish an environment in which achieving specified learning goals takes priority over other concerns." A visual reminder of this with a notice board will help meet learning goals. For instance, if the class is working on a larger unit, say William Shakespeare, hang the goals for the unit, major points that will be on the final test or important facts about Shakespeare on a notice board. To encourage further learning, post interesting websites or books about Shakespeare. Another idea is to make an interactive board. Make questions and answers on separate pieces of card stock and then attach Velcro to the back of the card stock and the corresponding piece on the notice board. Encourage students to practice by correctly matching the papers. Begin class by reviewing their answers.

On a larger scale, motivate students to learn by applying the class' contents to the students' futures. In a math class, perhaps post how much of the ACT is math and the breakdown of specific topics. Include what math classes are required by colleges or what jobs require math skills.


As the school year continues, students' attitudes may wane. A simple way to encourage positive attitudes is through a motivational notice board as a simple reminder. For formats and design, use different coloured paper and borders to gain and maintain students' attention.

For a middle school notice board, take advantage that role models easily influence this age group. Seek quotes and interviews by athletes or celebrities about success in life. Find those who have overcome aversion or struggles with a positive attitude. Remind students that most people struggle in life, but succeed with the right attitude. For additional designs, include pictures or posters of people who exude positive attitudes. Magazines provide bright and inexpensive pictures.

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