Speed Camera Types

Updated February 21, 2017

Speed cameras are cameras that measure speed by taking pictures over a fixed distance and then using the data to calculate the average speed of the travelling object. Speed cameras are most commonly used by police and traffic enforcement officers to determine vehicle speeds and give out speeding tickets. There are several types of speed cameras in use today.


Gatsometer speed cameras come from a Dutch company which was founded in 1959 by Maurice Gastonides, a famous race car driver. Gatsometer speed cameras can be installed in stationary positions or in a car or other moving vehicle. Gatsometer cameras are considered world-leading digital and analogue traffic enforcement equipment.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc.

American Traffic Solutions is an Arizona-based company that specialises in photo traffic safety technology, such as speed cameras. The president of American Traffic Solutions was a pioneer of the first automated speed camera system in the U.S., implemented in Arizona in 1987. American Traffic Solutions is currently the biggest provider of traffic enforcement technology to American cities.

The Axsis SC-300 Digital Radar Speed Camera is a small and discreet speed camera made by American Traffic Solutions. The camera mounts on a vehicle or tripod and is capable of capturing vehicle images across four lanes. It is one of a few speed cameras certified for attended and unattended operation in the U.S.

RedSpeed International

RedSpeed International is a UK-based speed camera and red light camera company with offices located in the US. RedSpeed specialises in digital technology and is a leader in development and manufacturing of traffic enforcement equipment.

RedSpeed's SpeedGuard camera is a compact laser speed camera system that stands alone on a tripod. It is very easy to use and can quickly be adapted by any police or traffic enforcement team.


Truvelo speed cameras use an infrared flash that allows them to face forward at oncoming traffic, unlike the Gastrometer cameras which give off a visible flash and must therefore face backward so as not to distract drivers. Because of this, Truvelo speed cameras show the driver of the vehicle as well as the vehicle speed, which is a necessary bit of information to prosecute speeders in certain countries. Truvelo speed cameras are becoming more popular because when used the owner of a vehicle has a difficult time arguing that she wasn't driving at the time of the incident.

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