Hidden Litterbox Ideas

Litter boxes are one of the worst parts of indoor cat ownership. They take up a large portion of floor space, look unsightly and can create an undesirable smell if not emptied daily. There are a few alternatives to help with the ugly and messy parts of cat ownership. One alternative to litter box placement is a hidden litter box. There are several different ways to disguise a litter box so that it does not ruin the appearance of a room.


One way to hide a litter box is to customise a nightstand or end table. Use a table with a door for easy access for cleaning. Cut a hole into the side of the nightstand large enough for the cat to enter and exit. Place the litter box inside the nightstand to hide it from view. Make sure your cat knows where the new litter box is; otherwise, it will urinate in undesirable locations because it cannot find the litter box. Another option is to use an unused cabinet in the laundry room or bathroom as housing for the litter box. Cut a hole into the side of the cabinet large enough for the cat to easily climb in and out.


Many pet supply stores sell conversion pots that act as a plant pot and a litter box. The top half of the pot serves as housing for the plant itself. The other half provides an area for a litter box. As with the nightstand version, make sure the cat knows where the new litter box is to prevent accidents. Some cats never take to this form of hidden litter box, and some other plan to hide the litter box becomes necessary.

Natural Camouflage

If your cat seemed opposed to a litter box disguised inside furniture or pot, then regular camouflage can work as a way to hide a litter box. Disguise the presence of the litter box by surrounding it with plants. You can also place the litter box under a table or nightstand open on all sides to provide minor camouflage for the litter box. Place the litter box in an unused room, such as the laundry room or a little used bathroom, and install a kitty door into the room so that the cat can enter and exit the room at will.

Room Divider

One other way to camouflage the cat's litter box is to use a fireplace or large Japanese-style screen to disguise the box from view. Use a screen with decorative embellishments to increase the decorative appeal of the screen. Make sure to leave a gap between the screen and the wall so that your cat can fit inside to use the box. When you first install the screen, show your cat the new litter box home to avoid accidents.

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