The Best Co-Op Gamecube Games

Written by zeus tyrone mendoza
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The Best Co-Op Gamecube Games
Four controller ports set the GameCube apart from competitors' consoles. (games image by Ewe Degiampietro from

Released in 2001 and discontinued in 2007, the Nintendo GameCube was the predecessor to the Wii console. It had an array of games, all of which were made on mini-DVDs much smaller than the standard size used by its competitor, the Sony PlayStation. But what set the GameCube apart from competing systems was its four controller slots, allowing up to four people to play together in various co-op games.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

"Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance" plays like a hack-and-slash action game, where you and a friend travel through dungeons and slay monsters. While its game style is similar to that of the "Gauntlet" gaming series, "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance" stands apart because it contains an in-depth story as well as voice-over dialogue. You and your friend can play as one of the three characters: human archer, elven sorceress, or dwarven fighter. Going alone is challenging, but working together with two different characters in tandem can go a long way in fighting through dungeons. (2 players)


"Ikaruga" is a 2D aeroplane shooter game in which you fly around destroying enemies and bosses. What sets "Ikaruga" apart from other aeroplane shooter games is the ability to switch your ship between light and dark forms. This can help you to deal more damage to opposite-coloured enemies, or absorb same-coloured attacks. Having a second player along adds an intelligent co-op play style, as both of you will continually switch back and forth from light to dark to beat your enemies. (2 players)

TimeSplitters 2

"TimeSplitters 2" is the second game to come from the "TimeSplitters" gaming series. Its co-op mode is reminiscent of "Perfect Dark," in which you can have two players play through the entire story-mode campaign; however, "TimeSplitters 2" has better graphics and smoother game resolution. While the mission objectives are the same as in one-player mode, having a partner means that rationing supplies is a must for victory. In addition to its co-op mode, "TimeSplitters 2" comes with a four-player mode, albeit for versus game play. (Up to 4 players)

Conflict: Desert Storm

"Conflict: Desert Storm" was one of those sleeper hits due to its late release behind the PlayStation 2 (PS2) version. But unlike its PS2 counterpart, the GameCube version offered improved aiming, better management of inventory, and heightened detail textures. The selling point that ultimately sets it apart from the PS2 version is its ability to have four players together in a co-op mode. Instead of one player taking on the roles of sniping, arming explosives, scouting, and using heavy artillery, the task can be easily divided among four people, providing a team-based playing experience. (Up to 4 players)

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Link returns for another adventure, but this time there can be four of him. Unlike other co-op games that require players to work together, "The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures" intermingles co-op play and competitive gaming among up to four players. For example, players must work together to remove obstacles such as boulders in order to proceed. Yet players are rewarded for back-stabbing each other such as stealing "Force" energy from the others, or throwing them off cliffs so you can reach the end of the stage first. (Up to 4 players)

Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II

"Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II" is a science-fiction/action role-playing game in which you fire energy guns, swing laser swords, and cast technology-based spells. The game offers an online mode in which you and up to three other people can play together. Additionally, it gives offline players an opportunity to play simultaneously with a second player on the same GameCube console via split-screen mode. "Phantasy Star Online" gives players a way to communicate via built-in phrases and chat emoticons, but the game is played best with a GameCube keyboard peripheral for easier in-game communication.

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