Spanish Tattoo Ideas

Updated April 07, 2017

Spanish tattoos can represent a number of concepts. They can reflect a Spanish heritage, or just an affinity with Spanish culture. Spanish tattoos can be large or small, and are suitable for many placements depending upon the design.

Spanish Flags

The symbols of Spain can be translated into tattoos. These work well as large and small tattoos and are suitable for most placements. The Spanish flag is a recognisable symbol of Spanish nationalism. The current flag design is derived from the naval flag of the 18th century. The colours are a vivid red and striking yellow, making this an excellent piece to render in full colour. Featured on the flag is an intricate coat of arms, which means that this piece is best rendered in a medium to large size in order to best express the details of this symbol.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of Spain is another idea for a proud Spanish tattoo. The current version of this symbol features the Spanish royal crown over a quartered shield. In each quarter of the shield, a different aspect of Spain is represented. Each of the old kingdoms of Spain is represented in this coat of arms---the gold castle in a red background represents Castile; León is represented by a red or purple lion on a white background; red and yellow stripes represent Aragon; golden chains represent Navarre; and Granada is represented by the pomegranate flower. The current reigning dynasty of Bourbon-Anjou is represented with the triple fleur de lis in the centre of the crest.

Spanish Language

The Spanish language and text tattoos are other ways to represent Spanish heritage or affinity with the language, culture and people. Text-based tattoos make excellent standalone tattoos and can also be incorporated into a larger piece. Small quotes and words can be rendered into discreet, small tattoos. Famous Spanish quotes can come from a variety of sources. "Everything you can imagine is real," or "Todo lo que puedas imaginar es real," is a quote from Pablo Picasso that would make an excellent tattoo for a dreamer or artist. "El amor es la amistad prendida fuego por el fuego"---"Love is friendship set on fire"---is another option for a passionate Spanish quote. Another famous Spanish quote that would make an excellent tattoo is "La fe mueve montañas": "Faith moves mountains." Quotes such as "No hay mal que dure cien años"---which roughly translates to "Nothing bad lasts forever" or "Even the longest night comes to an end"---make an inspiring, uplifting tattoo. Quotes can be used alone or in conjunction with any other tattoo symbols to create a personalised piece. This is an excellent way to quickly personalise a standard piece of tattoo flash into a great, meaningful tattoo.

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