Raffle Prize Ideas

Written by dan falk | 13/05/2017

Great raffle prizes put an exclamation mark on the end of your carnival or party. Prizes can be homemade or store bought, as well as inexpensive or costly, as your budget and creativity allow. The key is to make them desirable and memorable.


Organisers of large parties and carnivals that have a big group available for purchasing raffle tickets can afford electronics as raffle prizes. For grand prizes, you can give away game console systems. Smaller prizes can include DVDs and CDs.

Homemade Gifts

Raffling off homemade prizes is an inexpensive way to raise money and involve your community in the effort. If you have a local seamstress or quilt-maker, ask her to donate some of her work. Everyone involved in the fund-raising can bake special treats and their secret family recipes to contribute to the homemade prize collection.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are often dismissed as too impersonal, but they give recipients the ability to choose a prize of their liking from countless possibilities. They can purchase something within the dollar amount of the card or apply it to something more expensive that they may otherwise not have purchased. Gift cards come in many different amounts, from £3 to £130 or more, depending on the store, restaurant or other issuer.


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