Cake Decorating Ideas for a Fisherman

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're planning a fun summer birthday party or honouring a big catch for the fisherman in your life, coming up with a cake decorating idea for a fisherman-themed cake doesn't have to be taxing. Let your imagination run wild and have fun using frosting, candies and decorative sugars to accent your cake. You can purchase special fish-shaped cake moulds or cut your own cake to resemble a fish.

Freshwater Fish

If the fisher in your life has a favourite freshwater fish catch, commemorate this with a cake cut to look like his favourite catch. Print out a large picture of the fish, trace its outline on parchment paper, and cut out the shape with scissors. Wrap a large piece of cardboard in tinfoil, and place a cooled sheet cake on it. Position the parchment cutout over the sheet cake and use a paring knife to cut through the cake along the outline. Shade the finished cake with coloured frosting according to what type of fish it is.

Sea Creatures

What fisherman wouldn't appreciate a cake in the shape of a large black whale straight from the pages of "Moby-Dick" or a cake shaped like an octopus, stingray or tropical fish? Liquorice ropes, gum drops, sanding sugar, vivid-colour frosting and nonpareils are just some of the decorating elements you can use. For a whale cake, for example, add silver or blue sanding sugar over the black or grey frosting of the whale body to provide shine. Then use a piece of red liquorice for the mouth and a black nonpareils candy for an eye.

Pond Cake

Bake a standard rectangle or circle cake and ice it with blue frosting to create a pond scape. Make reeds by piping wavy green lines around the sides of the cake and along the outer edges of its top. Place a small toy of a man in a boat in the centre of the cake, and place small candy fish on the blue frosting.

Fish Cupcakes

If you can't decide what fish to represent on a cake for a fisherman, bake cupcakes and decorate them in a number of styles. Frost the top of the cupcakes in light blue icing. Then draw assorted sea life, such as starfish, tropical fish, snails or crabs. If you aren't confident in your icing skills, purchase fish-shaped gummy candies to place atop the cupcakes.

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