School Fair Games

Updated April 17, 2017

School fairs are good fundraisers that generate cash for the athletic programs, education centre and after-school programs. Street fairs or carnivals often attract families from the community that come out to have fun and support a worthy cause. Many easy and exciting games can be set up for all to enjoy with little or no effort. Prizes can be awarded as players make a cash donation to play the game.

Dunk Tank

The dunk tank is always a crowd pleaser. You can often ask a coach or popular teacher to sit in the tank while students and athletes take their best shot as sinking them into the cold water. You have the person being dunked don a colourful costume and antagonise patrons as they try their best to hit the bullseye. You should have a large tarp behind the throwing area to collect all of the balls as they miss the target.

Balloon Darts

The balloon dart game is easy to construct and even easier for players to win. Set up a large cork board and blow up hundreds of balloons for the event. Carefully tack each balloon, spacing each one slightly apart, until the board is filled. Have the players get three chances to break a balloon. You can awards prizes if they break one, two or all three.

Milk Bottle Knockdown

This game is easy to assemble and takes minutes to play. Set up a large tarp as the backdrop against missed throws. Place a wooden barrel in the centre and then carefully stack six wooded or aluminium milk bottles in a pyramid formation. You can purchase these bottles from most carnival suppliers in your area. Each player is allowed three tosses of a rubber ball to knock all six bottles down. You can award a prize based on the total number of bottles they have knocked down.

Coke Bottle Toss

Construct a large wooden framed box that has slotted boxes in the centre. Place a regular 473ml soda bottle into each slot. The object is to toss 3-inch wide circular rings around the neck of the bottle to win a prize. You can allow the player three or five chances to toss a ring onto the soda bottle neck to win a prize. Colour a few of the bottles pink, red, blue, green and orange so that if a player tosses a ring onto that bottle, they win a special prize.

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