Children's activities for a viking party

Updated April 17, 2017

Vikings were not only fearsome warriors but courageous explores who still fascinate us some 600 years later. Enliven a kids party with an exciting Viking theme. Set the scene by decorating the party space like a thatched hut. Place torn fabric or fake animal rugs across the floor.Tie dried branches to bamboo blinds and hang them on the walls. As the little Vikings arrive, give them Viking helmets to wear. Now all that's needed is a little imagination and a few fun Viking activities to spark the fun.

Viking King Game

Play a game called Viking King to complement the theme. Have all the kids make a circle standing up. Decide which one of the party goers is the Viking King or Queen. The chosen kid makes horns on his head and shouts, "I'm the Viking King!" The person on his left and on his right pretend to paddle a boat as if they are on the King's boat until Viking King points to someone else in the circle. The person pointed at is the new King or Queen and the people beside them are the new paddlers. The game continues until someone does the incorrect action, does not call out "I am the Viking King," or does not react quickly enough.

Pilaging Hunt

Instead of goody bags, have a treasure hunt Viking style by hoarding a large number of gifts or prizes in the centre of the yard. Wrap small age-appropriate gifts in brown butcher paper creating parcels, making the mound as large as possible. The gifts can be fun items bought at the dollar store. Mark two lines on the ground on each side of the prize pile equal distances away. At the sound of the whistle the first team member in each line races to the pile and grabs a parcel. As soon as a team member returns and crosses their line, the next in line races out to get a prize. See which team hoards the most prizes before the whistle blows again.

Viking Chant

Let the kids pretend to be Viking raiders singing a rhythmic Viking chant. Have the kids sit side by side in two straight lines as if siting in a Viking longboat. divide the kids into four groups. The first half of the first line is group one, the second half group two, the first half of the second line is group three and the back half is group four. While the kids pretend to row their boats in unison they should sing the following chant.

Group 1 Heave Ho, Heave Ho Group 2 We are Vi-king war-ri-ors, We are Vi-king war-ri-ors Group 3 Thor, O - din, Thor, O-din Group 4 Pil -lage and plun-der, Pil-lage and plun-der

Let each chant on their own so they can get the hang of it and hear groups part, then start overlapping each part one at a time until they create a thunderous Viking chant.

Viking Feast

When it's time to eat create a Viking feast. Arrange large tables together from end to end to create a banquet hall. Have a variety of drinks presented in jugs instead of a punch bowl and serve the little Vikings in plastic goblets from a party store. Let them feast on chicken drumsticks and roasted hot dogs on sticks.

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