Iron Gifts for Him

Written by siva stephens | 13/05/2017
Iron Gifts for Him
Give him a manly iron gift for your sixth anniversary. (Iron and mortar. image by iChip from

The traditional gift for the sixth wedding anniversary is "iron." Iron symbolises the strength and solidity of the marriage, but it can be challenging to give gifts in this category without resorting to patio furniture, skillets or lawn ornaments. If you're looking for iron gifts for your husband, consider giving him something that he can use all the time. He'll appreciate a gift that enhances his hobby or his everyday life, and he'll remember you whenever he uses it.

Golf Irons

Iron Gifts for Him
An iron club is a thoughtful gift for a golfer. (golf club image by cico from

If he is a golfer, chances are he can always use the latest club. Irons---so called because the metal heads were originally made of iron---are a good choice. They have angled heads and shorter handles than woods (the golf clubs used for very long shots), and golfers need a variety of irons with differently angled heads. You can even have an iron custom-made to suit his swing. A properly fitted iron can actually improve a golfer's game---at least, that is the hopeful theory.

Branding Iron

Iron Gifts for Him
A branding iron helps him make his mark---at the barbecue, that is. (branding a calf image by bawinner from

He may only be an urban cowboy, but odds are good he will appreciate the value of a good branding iron. If he's a barbecue chef, he'll love these small-scale irons made for branding steaks, burgers, chicken or whatever he likes to grill. They are available in several sizes and styles, featuring his favourite sports team, his initials or classic Western brands. You can even have them custom-made to whatever design you like.


Iron Gifts for Him
Help your strongman build his iron-pumping muscles. (gym man with barbell image by Pavel Losevsky from

If he is a strong man, wants to be a strong man or thinks of himself as a strong man, show him you admire his muscles with a "pumping iron" gift. Whether you choose a pair of five-pound dumbbells or a weight bench with an entire iron barbell set, include a copy of the 1977 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Pumping Iron" to get him off on the right foot.

Steam Iron

Iron Gifts for Him
Real men iron their own shirts. (ironing clothes image by weim from

If your husband is particular about his clothes, give him a top-end steam iron for his shirts. Irons have come a long way since your grandmother's day; they now have retractable cords, dripless steam vents, no-stick plates and digital temperature displays. It needn't be too expensive, either; some of the cheaper irons actually perform better than those costing quite a bit more, so do your research before you buy.

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