At Home Dry Cleaning Products

Updated February 21, 2017

Dry cleaning gently washes your delicate clothing that would otherwise be ruined in a washing machine or dryer. While dry cleaning handles your clothes delicately and can make them last longer, dry cleaning bills can be expensive. To avoid this, use at home dry cleaning products and try to dry clean your clothing at home. You can purchase these products at a well-stocked grocery or chemist.

Home Dry Cleaning Sheet

Home dry cleaning sheets contain a detergent solution that will clean your clothes in a dryer. To use these sheets, place your clothes in the garment bag that comes in the home dry cleaning kit. Put the sheet in with the clothes, and turn the dryer on at medium heat for at least 20 minutes. The heat in the dryer will activate the chemicals in the dryer sheet, which will be distributed to your clothes as they tumble. Because tumbling is essential to evenly distributing the cleaning chemicals, do not stuff the bag with clothing.

Home Dry Cleaning Stain Remover

Home dry cleaning kits, such as Dryel, sometimes include a dry cleaning stain pen. This stain pen contains delicate cleaning agents that will not harm clothes that should be dry cleaned or hand washed. The stain pen is designed to be used on the clothes before they are dry cleaned at home. You can also use them when you are on the go.

Home Dry Cleaning Spray

Home dry cleaning spray is a touch-up spray made by manufacturers such as Dryel and Febreze. These sprays are designed for use between dry cleaning cycles to freshen up clothing that are not quite dirty. The sprays have agents in them that attack and kill odour cells rather than simply covering them up. These sprays can also let out wrinkles in clothing.

At Home Dry Cleaning Kits

At home dry cleaning kits include some or all of these products, depending on the brand, price and size of the kit. Most kits will include at least the dry cleaning sheets and the accompanying bag in which to use them. Some bonus kits will include the dry cleaning stain remover and the dry cleaning freshener spray. Many manufacturers will also sell these products separately.

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