Home Business Ideas for Teens

Teenagers often find themselves wanting more---more clothes, more minutes for their cell phones, more nights out with their friends. If you're a teenager with a small allowance or an inflexible minimum wage job, maybe it's time for you to consider starting your own business at home. Parents, don't let your teenagers sit around at home every day with nothing to do. Encourage them to show some initiative and try their hands at entrepreneurship. Starting a home business can be both educational and profitable.

Making Jewelry

Learning how to make jewellery is simple, and teenagers have a great potential customer base available to them---their classmates at school. Even the shyest teens can wear their jewellery to school and advertise their creations. If the jewellery is creative and made with care, you will have the perfect opportunity to land a new customer every time someone says "I love your earrings, where did you get them?" Once your business starts to take off and you get a real feel for what's popular, you can begin selling your jewellery online, or you can visit local stores to see if they would like to set up a small display of your work.

Designing Clothes

Teenagers who know how to design and sew can create their own clothing line, using the same strategy as a jewellery business. If you have an interest in fashion, you might find that starting a small home business in high school will open amazing doors for you upon graduation---you can even add your business efforts to your resume or college application!

Home Child Care

Parents of younger children are always looking for affordable child care. You can offer to look after a couple of kids every afternoon or weekend. It would be wise to create different price ranges for your services, depending on what the parent expects, from picking the kids up from school or serving dinner to helping with homework. Getting certified in first aid or CPR could also help you win over more clients.


If you excel in a certain subject, offer your assistance to other students struggling in that area. Post flyers around school or advertise your services online. Be sure to play up your academic achievements, including grades, SAT scores, awards and special recognitions.


If you have an artistic eye and access to a decent camera, then start your own small photography business. Create stock photography to be sold online, or offer your services for parties and special events, such as prom, graduation, and sports games.

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