Styles of Writing for Wedding Invites

Written by alyson paige | 13/05/2017
Styles of Writing for Wedding Invites
Wedding invitations are written according to multiple factors. (Luxury handmade wedding card image by Andrejs Pidjass from

How you write your wedding invitations depends upon a variety of factors. Rules of etiquette relate to types of wedding, who is sending the invitations and what events the guest is invited to attend. Factors that influence wedding invitation verbiage include, but are not limited to, bride and groom invitations, bride's parents inviting, and private ceremony and reception after invitations. The website, provides samples of wedding invitations sent by different members of the bridal party and wedding and reception invitations.

Bride and Groom Inviting

Styles of Writing for Wedding Invites
Wedding invitations may be sent by the bride and groom. (wedding #8 image by Val Thoermer from

When the bride and groom extend invitations to attend their approaching nuptials, the invitations reflect who is sending the invitations. For example, formal wedding invitations sent by a bride and groom might read "Together with their parents, Sylvia Anna Moore and Nigel David Cook request the honour of your presence at their marriage on Saturday, the first of May two thousand and eleven at noon (Follow with exact location)."

Bride's and Groom's Parents Inviting

Styles of Writing for Wedding Invites
The bride's parents may send wedding invitations. (Family image by Mat Hayward from

Often the bride's parents send wedding invitations. In those cases, wedding invitation verbiage reflects the parents' participation and their views. An example of such wedding invitations may be worded as follows. "As God has led toward our daughter's soul mate, David Sams and Carla Martin request the honour of your presence at the marriage of Sarah Martin and Joel Brown on Wednesday, the seventh of June two thousand and ten at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church 1998 Dahlia Circle, Austin, Texas".

Private Ceremony and Reception After

Styles of Writing for Wedding Invites
Often guests are invited to the wedding and the reception. (Table decorated at a wedding reception. image by Gina Smith from

If all guests are invited to attend the wedding and reception, write the invitations to include both events. For example, you might write, "Join us in celebrating the marriage of Maryam Powell and Jack Carlton at 1:00 on Saturday, April ninth two thousand ten at United Methodist Church, 211 Ridge Road, Denver, Colorado. Please join our celebration immediately following the wedding at the Brown Palace Hotel, Downtown Denver, Colorado".

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