Gifts for Women Cancer Patients

Updated February 21, 2017

A female friend who has cancer may feel like a sister or mother to you. Cancer is not only life-threatening, but it can weaken a person's resolve and send her into deep depression. Let your female friend know that she has a supporter in you and that she has not been forgotten with an uplifting, thoughtful gift.

Basket of Comfort

Purchase or make your own "basket of comfort." To make your own, simply fill a basket or a decorative box with comfort items such as a journal, a devotional, a candle, your friend's favourite snacks and a few comedies. You also may consider buying a prepackaged gift basket specifically for women who have cancer, such as one from Cancer Gifts. Its "Soothing the Soul Gift Basket" includes items such as "Chicken Soup for the Soul---The Cancer Book, "The Seasons Of The Heart" DVD of music, prayers, images and poems, organic calming tea and soft socks.

Head Wraps and Turbans

When a woman loses her hair, she often feels ugly. Help your female friend remember her outer and inner beauty by buying her several colourful head wraps, turbans or hats in different styles. Bring along a hand-held mirror to the hospital so that she can test out the different styles. Also, gift her with a new lipstick. Teach her how to play up her features on her face so that she hopefully thinks about her hair less.

Aromatherapy Teddy Bear

Buy an aromatherapy teddy bear that releases the aroma soothing herbs and can be microwaved to release the benefits of the herbs.The teddy bear may be a comfort to a friend who must spend many nights in a hospital by herself. Every time she hugs it, she will remember you and will get a small reminder of how you care about her.

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