Silver & Gold Gifts for New Baby

Updated April 17, 2017

The birth of a new baby is one of the most joyous occasions. Friends and loved ones pass around cigars while parents coo at their new bundle of joy. Celebrate the birth of a new baby with a silver or gold gift. These gifts are beautiful keepsakes that a newborn will enjoy well into their adulthood.

Baby Brush

Parents will go gaga over a baby brush from with a silver or gold handle. Look for a brush with 100 per cent natural boar's hair bristles. These bristles are not only soft for a baby's tender head, but they also promote hair growth.

First Curl Box

Find a beautiful box meant to hold a baby's first curl. This gift will keep their first curl safe. You can engrave silver and gold boxes to make the gift even more personalised. A first curl box can also hold other tiny baby-related keepsakes. This is something that a baby can pass on to his children when he gets older.

Teddy Bear Ring Rattle

A stunning silver or gold baby rattle is a beauty. These usually come in silver, but you might be able to find a gold-plated one. Make sure you find one with a diameter of the handle that is big enough far a baby to grasp. Also, ensure that it is not too heavy. Although this is beautiful, you want it to be functional so that the little bundle of joy will play with it.

Baby ID Bracelet

This is the classic gift that you can find in silver or gold. Look for a bracelet with a hook in the centre so that parents can hook it to fit just right. This will prevent parents from having to pay to get a link removed if the bracelet too big. Plus, it will allow a baby to grow into it. You can opt to have an ID bracelet engraved. Suggestions include the baby's name, date of birth or even a personal message that she will understand when she gets older. Before buying jewellery, double check that the baby is not allergic to metals.

Picture Frame

A beautiful silver or gold frame is not only a great gift to hold a newborn's picture for years; the recipient also can reuse it later in life---perhaps for another monumental occasion like graduation or marriage. While almost any size frame would be a lovely gift, double check with the parents on the size of the prints from the baby's first photo shoot.

Baby Spoon

This spoon in polished sterling silver would make a fantastic gift. It is not only a very practical gift for today, but it makes a great keepsake later in a child's life. It will last many years, making it a gift you can give to a newborn to pass down for generations to come. Depending on the handle of the spoon, you can opt to get it engraved, making it even more personal.

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