The best paint for basement concrete floors

Updated November 21, 2016

Painting concrete basement floors is inexpensive way to do a flooring makeover. It also is a functional way to protect and seal your basement floor. Dull, grey concrete flooring can make the basement appear dark and boring. To transform this space and add colour and flair, you can paint concrete floors a variety of colours. Epoxy paint is best for concrete floors.

Types of Epoxy Paint

There are three types of epoxy paint: solvent-based, water-based, and 100 per cent solids. Each type is categorised by the percentage of solids or epoxy that it contains. The 100 per cent solids is the purest epoxy. It is also the most expensive and most durable. It is very difficult to apply this epoxy, as it tends to harden very quickly, so professionals should apply it. Solvent-based is most often used for industrial purposes. You want to avoid using this type of epoxy in the home because of the strong fumes that the solvents produce. Water-based epoxy paints are most commonly used in the home and are available at any home improvement store.


Epoxy paint is the best choice for concrete basement floors because it has the ability to seal and waterproof the floor. Basements are notorious for having moisture. Latex-based paints can't withstand moisture. Epoxy paints seep into the concrete and provide a barrier against moisture.


Epoxy paints have been used for many years on industrial floors because of their durability. Epoxy paint can withstand heavy foot traffic, unlike a latex paint, which would peel over time. Epoxy paints set as a resin, as opposed to a paint, so they are much harder and longer-lasting, and they adhere better to the surface. Many paint manufacturers produce epoxy paints that are specifically formulated for the home.


Epoxy paint is not only functional, but it is aesthetically pleasing. It can transform a plain, concrete basement floor into a beautiful feature in any home. Epoxy paint is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to fit any home decor

Ease of Application

Epoxy paints are easy to apply. Most require one coat, and will dry in a couple of hours. It is possible to paint one day and use the space the next. Many other types of concrete coatings can require several coats and involve more steps. Like with other concrete floor paints, preparation is the key. The area should be cleaned and all cracks should be filled to ensure proper adhesion.

Epoxy paint can also be used on concrete that has been previously painted or sealed. Other types of floor finishes, such as concrete stain, must be applied on a previously untreated surface.

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