Birthday Party Ideas for 80-Year-Olds

An 80th birthday party is a day to celebrate life, love and the impact a person has had on her family and community. Help an 80-year-old in your life celebrate his birthday in style by throwing a party that will make the other 79 birthdays pale in comparison.


Make the invitations for the party as memorable as the day itself by constructing them at home. Purchase some high quality paper and put together a very simple, elegant invitation. Using a black felt tipped pen, tell the guests that they are..."Cordially invited to share an 80th birthday celebration with (the birthday boy or girl's name)". Write down all the other important information for the party, including the day, time and location. You can also place a photo of the person in the envelope along with the invitation.


Instead of making the party into a solemn affair, decorate the hall with bright colours, such as yellow, green and red. Skip the balloons and instead decorate with fresh flowers, candles and pictures of the 80-year-old throughout the decades. Include pictures of her as a baby, a young child, wedding photos and pictures of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The pictures can be blown up and hung on the walls and set in beautiful silver frames and scattered throughout the room on the tables. If there will be children present at the party, have a piñata that is shaped like the number 80. These piñatas can generally be found at a party supply store, or specially ordered from a supply store on the Internet.


Keep the food simple and serve the birthday boy's favourite dishes. Don't assume that just because he is 80 that you should give the guests stewed prunes and applesauce. If a favourite type of food is Italian, serve pasta primavera, garlic bread and set out bottles of Chianti for all the guests to enjoy. Make or purchase a cake that is at least two full sheets in size. Cover the cake with 80 candles and ask all the grandchildren to assist in blowing out all the candles.

When I Was Your Age...

Scour the Internet for items that were sold when the 80-year-old was a child, and are still available today. Write down the prices of a gallon gasoline, a pound of grapes, a can of coffee and just about any other popular item that you can think of. Ask the guests to guess what the prices of these common items were when the birthday girl was a child. The guests who can accurately determine the price will win a prize.

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