Duties of a child care assistant

Updated July 19, 2017

Every preschool teacher or child care provider needs her own right-hand assistant who helps with the duties of teaching and caring for young children. Education requirements vary according to the child care centre and its location; you can generally get a job at a day care centre with less than a high school diploma, but may be required at a preschool to have some training, experience and sometimes even a college degree in child development, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.The median wage of a child care assistant was £5.90 in May 2008.


A child care assistant supports her superior in teaching lessons by helping to hand out materials and instructing each child individually if he has additional learning problems. Child care assistants also help to grade papers after assignments have been turned in. The assistant may also extend her capabilities to helping the instructor with suggestions of activities and lessons suitable for the day's goals.


While the children play during a break, the assistant will supervise the children to make sure they do not hurt themselves or others. They also check on the children so they do not go out of the organisation's physical boundaries. When a problem occurs, the assistant handles the situation calmly and contacts his supervisors to better the situation.


The assistant will, at times, lend her hands at cleaning the childcare workspace. This involves cleaning up spills left by the children, as well as organising the area so it is safe for the children to interact with one another without getting hurt.


As the childcare providers or preschool teachers may become busy with other pursuits, the childcare assistant is there for the children when they become sad or get hurt. The assistant also helps in keeping the children clean with bathing and diaper-changing when necessary for the smaller children. Also included in the assistant's duties is providing nutritious meals and snacks for the children throughout the day.


The childcare assistant may be called upon to confer with parents and fellow childcare workers about the progress of some children who may be finding it difficult adjusting to the environment at the childcare centre. When this happens, the assistant is especially helpful, as they are often aware of the child's needs and issues and can provide excellent feedback on how a child maintains his time at the childcare or preschool centre.

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