Good Tattoo Ideas for Twins

Updated November 21, 2016

From butterflies to fairies, peace signs to tribal designs, tattoos are a permanent reminder of something significant to you. Tattoos can be used to symbolise the eternal bond twins share through a permanent symbol. Make the tattoo as prominent or a subtle as you want it to be by placing it noticeably on the wrist or subtly on your back.

Puzzle Tattoo

Place half a tattoo on each twin. When their arms or legs are placed together, the tattoo is complete. Use different colours to personalise each design for each twin but the design and colours should connect when placed side by side. Use a basic shape, such a heart and cut it in half, or a more detailed tattoo, such as a vine with delicate flowers that continues on the other twin's body.

Zodiac Sign

Twins share the same birthday and zodiac sign, of course, so having the zodiac sign tattooed in the same spot on the body is significant to the individual as well as deep bond between twins. Place the appropriate zodiac sign on the foot, ankle or back of each twin.

Identical Tattoo

Choose a favourite flower, symbol or phrase for an identical tattoo. Pick a tattoo that is meaningful to both twins and that reflects a shared memory. For example, if the twins remember always playing a card game as children, tattooing a deck of cards or an individual card would hold significance and meaning between the two. Place the tattoo in the same place on each twin.

Twin Symbol

The astrological sign for twins is Gemini. The Gemini symbol looks like a fancy Roman numeral for "two" and is an option for a simple tattoo. Even if the twins were not born under that sign, it is a flexible sign that brings significance to the shared bond between twins. It can be placed anywhere that makes sense for twins to share.

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