Mediterranean Home Paint Colors

Updated November 21, 2016

Mediterranean colours, also referred to as Tuscan paint colours, come primarily from nature. They are inspired by the deeply saturated hues of the Mediterranean region and the warm-weather countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. The water, sky, trees and sun create a palette that will warm up your home. Consider combining colour families throughout your home to create a unified look.


Browns are a grounding colour that can be used to cover the walls in any room of the house, using brighter shades to create a pop of accent colour. Mediterranean-specific brown paint colours include brown with a hint of mauve in it, pale, creamy browns that remind you of a sandy beach or a foamy cappuccino and basic shades of rich, warm brown that give an old-world feel.


Extreme reds and oranges are a signature colour for Mediterranean rooms. There are several different shades of red and orange that fall into this colour family, including rusty red, cayenne red, hearty orange, blood orange and baked-clay colour. This is only a small portion of the possibilities. Recreate a warm day in the Mediterranean with these rich colours.


Bring the feel of a Mediterranean countryside into your home with shades of rich green. Look for olive colours and deep, soft greens of healthy grass and trees. Green is a good choice for a peaceful sitting room, a nature-inspired bathroom or tranquil hallways. This is a relaxing colour that combines well with the other Mediterranean colours.


The yellow that is found in the Mediterranean paint colour family is bright and deep, and not watery or pale. Look at golden yellow colours that can accent and lighten up a kitchen or create a sunny living room. The colours are typically inspired by and named after yellow-hued flowers from the area such as sunflowers, nasturtium and saffron.


Deep blues play a large part in the actual colours of the Mediterranean; think of the Greek flag of rich, Adriatic blue and stark white. The blues should mimic features found in the area, such as the Adriatic Sea, tiles in a mosque or Greek Catholic church and, of course, the intense blue sky that arches over the entire Mediterranean. These deeply saturated hues can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens. You can paint a single accent wall or use the paint to cover a piece of unfinished furniture, such as a bench or child's table. In a kitchen or bathroom, pair strong blue with clean white for a truly Mediterranean look.

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