Romantic Birthday Ideas for a Boyfriend

It can be potentially difficult for any girl to give her boyfriend a romantic gift. Many men associate romance with flowers, hearts and candy; which are all symbols to be avoided. Show your boyfriend a new type of romance by giving him a touching gift from the heart that will make him see that romance isn't so bad after all.

Hard to Locate Memorabilia

Whether your guy is an avid golfer, a video game addict, or simply loves to watch old movies; give him a gift that he has wanted for years, but didn't have the money or time to find. For instance, a movie buff may enjoy a DVD of one of his favourite films that has been out of print. A video game lover may enjoy an original Atari console with one of the more difficult to locate titles. A man who enjoys music will love a vinyl or CD recording of an album that he hasn't been able to locate. Look on Internet auction sites, ask local antique dealers or scour local thrift stores to track down these hard-to-find items.

Weekend Away

Plan a guy-centric weekend away for the two of you. Take him to a nearby city and attend a local professional sporting event. Find a convention that deals with music, comic books or video games for a man who is into electronics and the arts. Take your guy to a car show and let him fantasise about owning an expensive, foreign automobile. You can also offer to let him spend the weekend with his guy friends in Las Vegas, Reno or any other city where the group can get into a little harmless trouble.


Offer to take over his household chores for a few days so he can enjoy his birthday free of these annoying daily activities. Do his laundry, mow his lawn, take out the trash and do all of his dirty dishes. Finish off the day by shopping for a few groceries and prepare him meals that can be frozen and eaten for the rest of the week. You can also have his car cleaned and fill up his gas tank so he doesn't have to perform these mundane tasks on the way to work.

Surprise Him at Work

Show up to your boyfriend's place of employment with a picnic basket, a blanket and a bottle of sparkling cider. Take him to a local park, or any other meeting place that has special significance for the two of you. Sharing a romantic lunch will make his day seem a little bit brighter, even though he has to work on his birthday.

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