Christian Youth Camp Activities

Written by krista raye
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Christian Youth Camp Activities
Activities to both amuse and educate youth (David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Christian Youth Camp activities differ from regular camp activities in that they educate on the Bible and scriptures as well as help youth strengthen their relationship with God. Many activities can be catered to both large and small groups as well as individuals.

Chain, Pencil and Book Game

The objective of the chain, pencil and book game is to build cooperation amongst young people as well as confidence in their own unique gifts and calling. Divide the kids into two groups. Each group should select a leader. One group will receive a chain while the other will receive a pencil and book. For the group that has the chain, explain that they will be finding any art form --- dance, poetry, song, drama --- to exhibit how Jesus set his children free from bondage. Everyone in the group must not only participate, but they must include a piece of scripture to back up their art. Give the same explanation to the group with the pencil and book, except they need to exhibit how Christ wrote their name in the lamb's book of life and former sin has been wiped away as well as how they are living apostles.

Each group should be given 30 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to present.

Christian Youth Camp Activities
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Spin the Bible

This is a variation on Spin the Bottle where a Bible is substituted for the bottle, and there is no kissing. It is best played in groups no larger than 12. If you have large numbers, you can always break the groups down into smaller numbers. Before you assemble your groups, take an arrow and attach it to the top of a bible. Have the kids sit in a circle on the floor. You should assign someone to spin the Bible or you should spin it yourself. When it lands on a kid, he should pick up the Bible, flip it open and then read a piece of scripture from wherever he opened it. It should be a quick flip without allowing time to think or trying to find specific verses. Once the kid reads the verse aloud, then he should explain what he thinks it means and then what connections he sees to the scripture and his own life.

Christian Youth Camp Activities
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Clean Again

Take a cup full of dirt and pour it into a bowl of clean water. Explain to the kids they have three minutes to clean the water by removing all the dirt. After three minutes, have the kids examine how well they did. Explain that while they were able to remove some dirt, they could not remove it all. Then select three random kids to read from Isaiah 64:6, Romans 3:23 and John 3:16. These passages deal with the sinful condition of man and how "righteous" acts of man are not truly without blemish compared to God. As a final recap, remind kids that just like they couldn't remove all the dirt from the bowl, they can't remove their sin. Close with each kid saying a silent prayer of repentance and asking God for cleansing.

Christian Youth Camp Activities
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