Brick fire place hearth ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The hearth of a fireplace is the small area in front of the firebox. A hearth protects flooring from heat damage and can consist of any solid, nonflammable material. There are several different hearth styles possible for a brick fireplace. However, building codes may limit your choice. Your location, building type, fireplace style and fireplace materials can all influence the type of hearth you can build.

Colourful Flat Hearth

A colourful hearth consists of different colours for a cheerful and bright style. Construct a basic fireplace with red bricks and use a hearth pad that sits lower than the room's flooring. Use the red bricks to outline a flat, rectangle hearth. Fill the body of the hearth with tiny, square, ceramic tiles in white, black, red, yellow, green, blue and grey. Make sure the top of the hearth is even with the surrounding floor.

Simple Flat Hearth

Keep your fireplace design simple with a thin hearth consisting of the same colour bricks as the fireplace. Install a hearth pad that sits lower than the surrounding flooring. Use bricks to build a hearth with a top that sits even with the floor and firebox. The seamless line from the floor to the hearth and firebox has a subtle style that makes the fireplace a background decoration instead of a main focal point.

Raised Block Hearth

A raised fireplace sits on a concrete slab, a few inches to a few feet above the floor, to provide a better view of the flickering flames. The raised hearth has a thick shelf or bench area across the full width of the lower fireplace. Build a red brick fireplace into a wall, 2 feet above the floor, and add a 1-foot thick hearth. Use matching red bricks to cover the front and sides of the rectangle hearth. Cover the top of the hearth with gold and brown flagstone tiles.

Raised Fancy Hearth

A fancy hearth combines different materials and colours for an elegant style. The hearth can sit at, or above, floor level. Construct a dark grey brick fireplace, raised 8-inches from the ground, with a square firebox. Use matching bricks on the sides of a 1-foot wide, square hearth. Cover the hearth top with a smooth floral mosaic consisting of tiny inset stones and pebbles in white, ivory, beige, cream, light grey, dark grey and black.

Raised Round Hearth

A raised round hearth looks like a half-circle ledge with the flat edge against the fireplace and wall. Build a rounded, brown, brick fireplace 1-foot above the floor and add a 2-foot wide hearth. Use brown brick to edge the top and side of the hearth. Fill the remaining hearth with light brown bricks. If you prefer a modern style, use white bricks instead of brown and black bricks instead of light brown.

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