Tools to Cut Laminate Flooring

Updated April 17, 2017

Laminate flooring can be cut easily at home without the aid of a contractor or handyman. It is important to have the correct tools for any job, especially if an expensive replacement of the flooring materials is to be avoided. When cutting the material, it is important to take proper precautions with regard to safety, such as wearing eye protection and gloves.

Craft Knife or "Stanley" Knife

This knife is used to make more detailed or precise cuts to the material.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is necessary for making measurements to the floor material before cutting.


This is also useful when making measurements to the laminate flooring before cutting.


The pencil is useful for making markings regarding where to cut the material after measurements have been made.

0.454kg. Hammer

This is used with the tapping block when securing the laminate flooring in place.

Tools for Attaching Flooring

Liquid nails and polythene glue can be used to attach the laminate flooring to the structure floor, and duct tape is useful when working with the taping pad. A brad nailer is used to attach trim pieces at the junction of the floor and the wall. Sealant gun is used to apply adhesives or sealant to the trims once they have been attached with a brad nailer.


The level is useful for determining whether the surface is flat. If the surface is not flat, it could lead to a warping of the floor over time, resulting in damage to the floor. By using the level early in the process, one can avoid expensive problems in the future.


The handsaw is used to cut the material in order to allow it to fit into the room. A fine-toothed jigsaw or power saw can also be used.

Drill and Drill Bits

This is useful for cutting around any obstructions that may be present, including pipes.

Mitre Block

This is used for cutting the pieces being used for the trims.

Tapping Block

The tapping block is used to ensure that the laminate flooring is securely attached in place. It should fit the product's tongue.


The spacers are useful in speeding up the process of making measurements and cuts to the laminate flooring. Scraps of laminate can also be used in lieu of the spacers.

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