Birthday Party Ideas for 100-Year-Old

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 100 deserves a celebration. Obviously, a person turning 100 will need a party that doesn’t require a lot of activity on his part but a party that focuses on his life, accomplishments and legacy. Throwing a birthday party for a 100-year-old should include as many family and friends as possible, so a lot of planning may be required. If some of her friends or family live at a distance, you may want to contact them at least six months in advance so they can make the appropriate arrangements.

Words of Gratitude

Focus the party on commemorating the person’s life in 100 words. Ask people from every generation in attendance to share 100 words of memories and gratitude for the person’s life. Having one of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren share a word about her life. Ask each individual to prepare beforehand and give it much thought. The words can be a list of 100 words or simply 100 words written in prose or even a poem.


The decorations should reflect the number 100 and the era in which the person was born. Use confetti in the shape of 100, have the birthday cake made in the shape of 100 and use wall hangings in the shape of 100 to decorate the room or hall. Ice cube trays can be purchased in the shape of 100 that you can make ice cubes for the refreshments. Give everyone a birthday hat in the shape of 100. Having everyone dress from the era the person was born in is another great idea. The music should reflect 100 years ago as well as the decor and items used in the decorating.


Ask everyone coming to the party to give a gift that reflects the number 100. Some ideas are 100 60p bills, 100 packages of his favourite food or sweet or 100 lottery tickets. Suggest that some people go in on a gift together so it can have a huge impact on her when she receives it. A great gift for a 100-year-old is to arrange 100 days of company. Organise the friends and family to commit to one or two days over the next 100 days that they can stop by the individual’s home to spend time with him. Getting older can be very lonely, so the gift of time may be one of the best gifts you can give her.

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