Games to play at a church function

Updated July 18, 2017

Church functions often include fun activities for people of all ages. Games encourage participants to interact with each other. Whether you want to break the ice, educate the attendees or just have fun, group games will make your church function memorable.

Musical Wave

Get participants moving at your church function. Place your group--have everyone either sit on chairs in a large circle or in rows on chairs or pews. Play music. When the music stops, the group will participate in a "wave," as is done at sporting events. Designate a starting point for this group game.

People at the starting point will stand, followed by the participants next to them, and around the circle--or down the row--until all are standing. Repeat the movement backward, starting at the end point. The last people to stand will be the first group to sit as the wave goes back the way it came. When the wave has finished, start the music again for another round.

If sitting in rows, tell the group how you plan the "wave" to operate--either in sections you divide the group into, or each row, one at a time. Change the starting point every now and then to create more confusion and fun.

Find a Mate

This Bible game is a good choice when your church function is for people of all ages. The older folks can remain seated, while younger participants move around to search for their "mate."

Cut animal pictures in half to make the Bible game cards. Glue each half to a different piece of construction paper. The older the group, the more options you have in cutting the cards to make the animals more difficult to recognise. Use an animal more than once, as long as the halves for one set of "mates" are cut differently.

For an icebreaker group game, give half the group a card with half an animal. Give the rest of the participants the matching halves. If the older participants are seated, give them game pieces that match those of the people who are moving around.

Give the group a certain amount of time to match their "mates."

Bible Scrabble Scramble

Place the letters from a Scrabble game on a table for this group game. Have several other tables or areas available for each group. Use a chalkboard or whiteboard to write a list of Bible words that are in the same category. For example, use such categories as Bible women, children, prophets or events.

Have groups stand ready at a spot where they will work. Groups can decide which word they will try to spell. When you say 'go,' have each group send one person to the Scrabble letter table to retrieve a letter and bring it back to her group.

Start over when all the letters are used, or when every group has spelt a word. Write a new list in a different category. Mix up your groups for this Bible game each time it is played.

Relay Game

This church function game calls for paper fish, buckets and nets. Have children make the paper fish as a craft project in the church's Sunday school class.

Divide the church function attendees into groups, mixing ages so everyone can have a good time. Set up a bucket and a net for each group. Each group member takes a turn hurrying to her group's bucket to retrieve a paper fish. She should bring the fish back to fill her group's net. The first group to "catch" all the fish from their bucket wins.

Use this Bible game with a variety of relay goals. For instance, instead of fish, fill the buckets with stuffed animals. Players must race to be the first to fill up their group's "ark."

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