Unique Pagan Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Come up with a pagan costume more original than the stereotypical witch with the pointy hat. You can relate to the mysterious aura that witches cast while creating a Halloween costume specific to your personality. Deities and elements with varying degrees of power play pivotal roles in Wicca; with a bit of imagination and creativity, there is no shortage to the possibilities of pagan costumes you may choose.

Pagan Deity, God or Goddess

The history of Wicca connects to various gods, goddesses and deities, each carrying a story and a speciality. Choose your favourite god or goddess and use your intuition along with your personal interpretation of her physical attributes to create a persona for Halloween. For optimum effect, perform the part of your chosen deity's personality and remember her story to tell to those who ask who you are. A goddess may wear a long medieval gown, while a god may want a more Gothic or noble look with a king or prince's robe.

If you wish to be an angel, look up his colours, accessories, speciality and what he wears; for example, Archangel Michael is the blue protector of the angels and carries a large sword.


Nature's elements of air, water, fire and earth play a key role in the connection of energy; without these four elements life cannot exist. Creating a costume ensemble that pays homage to an element is a highly creative concept for a pagan and can be made as regal as your budget allows. Females can don a wreath that represents an element's characteristics; for fire, you can make a head wreath of "flames" and wear red and deep oranges with a dragon tattoo drawn or pasted on. To represent earth, make a simple wreath using artificial green leaves and twigs from a craft store. Wear form-fitting dark brown clothing and decorate with fake green ivy which can be wound around the body and pinned with safety pins.

Represent air by gluing white feathers to a thick piece of elastic that fits around the head; wear a white, thin, transparent material as a dress to represent this element. Represent water by creating a wreath using artificial coral or any other aquatic plastic plant, which you can find at a pet supply store; wear shades of blue or turquoise in a thin dress or form-fitting outfit.

Tarot Cards

Many Wiccans or pagans are familiar with tarot cards and use them for divination and meditation. Embody your favourite tarot card by choosing symbols and meanings from it to put together your costume's unique interpretation. Choose a card from the 22 cards in the major arcana; they tend to be easier to interpret than the minor arcana. The Sun, The Moon, The Fool, The High Priestess, The Magician and The Hermit are just examples of the cards that you can use for a outfit that will not be forgotten! The Lovers card may even be made into a costume for couples by finding an “Adam and Eve” costume that looks similar to the art on the card.

Tarot was popular during medieval times and much of the art depicts the clothing of that era, so dress like the character in the card you choose and add symbols to your clothing or paint any necessary symbols on your skin. You can add the roman numeral corresponding to your card onto your forehead, or if this is a bit much for you, add it to your shoulder like a tattoo or onto the nape of your neck (be sure to wear your hair up).

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